What Makes Us Different: What to Expect When Working with MyTee.my

First of all, let me congratulate you on making the decision to investigate our services further – some customers never make it past the first order because they are incapable of, or unwilling to invest the time and effort necessary to become properly educated in our field.  Understandably, certain customers need an industry expert to hold their hand and make all the decisions for them along the process – they insist that you stop everything and contact them if any element of their custom item looks different than expected, and they will spend a great deal of time explaining to you (often in non technical terms) what they want “in general”, while waiting for you to fill in all the blanks; of course if anything is not right in the end, it is completely your fault because, after all, “you’re the expert”.  While we fully understand and appreciate the place for this type of customer / provider interaction, this is not what we offer at Fusion Logistics Group.  Rather than spending most of our time (and resources) trying to make decisions for our customers, we want to spend as much time as possible PRINTING, producing the highest quality products available in the DTG industry!  We structure our business in such a way that allows you the greatest amount of control over the production process, getting you as close as possible to the action without actually investing in any equipment or doing any painful production.  We try to make our resources your resources, offering you access to the most affordable, flexible DTG printing services available.  We provide tools and resources to allow you to easily design custom items and market them to your customer base.  This is followed by high quality, redundant manufacturing capabilities that allow youto control how your items are printed, and we round it all out by offering full service (low minimum) re-branding options and blind fulfillment to the end user (your customers).

We are not simply looking for “customers” at MyTee.my – we are looking for “clients”.  There are many differences between customers and clients, but essentially clients are legitimate wholesale customers who have an interest in building a stable, long term relationship based on professionalism, education and shared responsibilities.  Clients would know better than to send us a 50/50 polyester blend garment to print with water based DTG inks, whereas a customer would justifiably expect us to make the decision not to print on 50/50 apparel (or even expect us to reject it if they try to supply us with said garments).  Clients would fine-tune their artwork prior to submitting it for printing, knowing how important it is to optimize the detail and colors in the original artwork to achieve the best results; customers would send us a small, low resolution JPEG file from Google with a flattened white background and expect us to clean it up (with verbal instructions to “add words to the image” or something like that, without specifying a font, size or layout).  Clients understand what DTG printing is, they understand the benefits and limitations involved and they understand how a myriad of variables can ultimately yield drastically different print results – customers think that little green elves print the shirts in the middle of the night, and everything should be flawless no matter how bad the original artwork was, or how unsuited the selected blanks were for this particular decoration technique.  The biggest difference, of course, is that clients receive the best possible pricing based on mutual responsibilities and established guidelines, whereas customers find a corner retail shop and pay literally 2-3 times the prices that we charge at MyTee.my, typically for an inferior product (which is why a retail customer is quick to move on to a new DTG company any time they see an opportunity to save a buck, whereas clients look for the best combination of quality, cost, value and service to form the cornerstone of their business).

If you classify yourself as an industry-savvy client who is looking for more than the typical corner print shop can offer, then you have definitely come to the right place!  As you learn more about the process, the technology and the principles behind DTG printing, you will find that you have greater control over the overall process, including possessing the ability to seek out and evaluate potential new garment blanks that fit your unique and specific needs, identifying your goals and artistic style to determine the ideal print settings and options for your particular brand, and ultimately creating a brand or custom printing business that is totally unique to you while taking advantage of our stable and redundant manufacturing capabilities and industry leading expertise with on-demand DTG printing and fulfillment.  If you are fortunate and determined enough to eventually take your business to the next level, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you make a smooth and successful transition into printing, offering everything from equipment and supply sales to training, education and ongoing support.

If your goals include dabbling in DTG printing and maybe doing a few shirts for you and some friends, or if you do not have the time or interest in learning about this cutting edge technology you are looking to utilize, then perhaps a full retail shop would be better suited for you; one of the key differences between retail and true wholesale businesses is that you are typically paying much more for the product, but that price includes all the pleasantries and one-on-one attention that a customer might be looking for.  However, if you are an industry professional who wants the best that DTG printing has to offer (but aren’t yet ready to make the head-first dive into production), then we can guarantee you won’t find a better production facility for wholesale DTG printing and fulfillment – use our website as a foundation to learn everything you can about this fickle and complicated process, and work with us to build your understanding as you move forward.  If you require additional one-on-one assistance with brand development, including help with locating and securing specific styles of blanks for your particular line or anything else that goes beyond the fundamental services we offer, we would be happy to help!  Our industry experts can work with your team to develop a custom solution for your business, based on a foundation that will carry with you wherever you go in the industry.

We expect more from our clients, and in return we promise more!  Become an expert with us, and build your business for the future – if you want to see us cover specific topics that might help educate you further about our process, please don’t hesitate to send a request to support@paintmytee.com.my