How to Place your Order

Our built-in designer tool allow customers to customize personalized products design online.

1. First things first, you’ll need to looking for an product over at PaintMyTee that customizable. You can find one over HERE.

[button link=”” icon=”user” color=”aqua” bg_color=”#ffffff” border=”#000000″ window=”yes”]SHOP[/button]

2. Head over to “Customize It” or “Design It” which is found at the bottom of the product.


3.Please wait and it will then bring you to a graphic creating platform to design your Tee.


  • Where you will have the ability to create a design using a selection of fonts, colour and clipart that are provided or upload a pre-made design.

4. Click pdto pick a shirt color and style.


5. Use atextto add your text and pick a complimentary text color.



  • Write a simple statement on your shirt that relays your message
  • In the case of this example, “MyTee”
  • Pick a color and text effect from the designer.
  • Pick one of the provided fonts -Lobster is a bold, handwritten font that speaks to the grassroots nature of this cause.
  • Add a text effect for more visual interest.

6. You can also use your own artwork in this designer tool by clicking the upload in the side menu .


  • Drop you design in to the box or click to upload it.
  • You can use a PNG file in the PaintMyTee designer tool and the background will be transparent, so it won’t interfere with the shirt.
    (If you want to change your artwork color, you’ll need more sophisticated software like Photoshop, Illustrator or Inkscape. It’s not too difficult, but for now, stick with a black graphic.)


7. You may want to rearrange your text to make room for your graphic but otherwise go ahead.


  • Re-size by click and drag the corner of you artwork (green square) and see what it looks like on a shirt preview window. What you see here, is what you will get.
  • To rotate, click and move the green square locate at the upper side of you artwork.

8. Your shirt is done! You may now click “Continue Shopping” and proceed to checkout.

csor “Download” to save your design.